Games with Gold

By now X-Box has released two free games every month. Some of which are absolutely fun and I spend hours beating my friends. And others are trash which I easily uninstall because it is a waste of my memory. Playstation Plus users have it better by letting the players download Payday: The Heist or Batman: Arkham City. What makes me think that X-Box can not compete with them is that they release three games a month that occur within the same year that game was on the shelf (a bit exaggerated).

The one I enjoy and have a blast are Italics, and the one I highly recommend avoiding are in bold.

-Fable 3 

-Lara Croft (Guardian Light)

-Dead Island

-Toy Soldiers

-Dungeon Defenders

-Hitman Absoultion

-Dead Light

-Dust (An Elysian Tail)

-Saint Row (The Third)

-Defense Grid

-Assassin Creed 2

-Crack Down

-Dead Rising 2 

-Magic The Gathering

-Rainbow 6 Vegas

-Might and Magic

-Halo 3

-A World of Keflings

-Iron Brigade

-Gears of War

-Shoot Many Robots

-Sleeping Dogs

Well you can’t because when the time is up the game goes back to the price before the Games with Gold

Depressing and Joy


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