Dark Souls

I expected this game to be over hyped and the biggest pushover. Well that game made me eat my words and brutally slashed out my guts, which spilled all over the floor. This game is not to be taken lightly and is highly addicting. Dying is a natural process in which you learn to adapt and re-learn to the point where you can’t play. A Dark Knight is the hardest thing I came across. When you are at low health and decide to use a potion, they come at you with everything they have. Parrying is terrible in this game because you can’t accurately predict the swing speed and you swipe your shields to fast. It’s worse than the beginning boses but, those moments of success when you get an item of reward is addicting. Every impossible challenge comes with progression, either it be a fire pit or a sweet ass weapon. Hours on hours on one area is infuriating. It currently is the one game I rage quit because i’m a pretty mellow guy.

I need to go to anger management


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