Month: June 2014

Dark Souls

I expected this game to be over hyped and the biggest pushover. Well that game made me eat my words and brutally slashed out my guts, which spilled all over the floor. This game is not to be taken lightly and is highly addicting. Dying is a natural process in which you learn to adapt and re-learn to the point where you can’t play. A Dark Knight is the hardest thing I came across. When you are at low health and decide to use a potion, they come at you with everything they have. Parrying is terrible in this game because you can’t accurately predict the swing speed and you swipe your shields to fast. It’s worse than the beginning boses but, those moments of success when you get an item of reward is addicting. Every impossible challenge comes with progression, either it be a fire pit or a sweet ass weapon. Hours on hours on one area is infuriating. It currently is the one game I rage quit because i’m a pretty mellow guy.

I need to go to anger management


Games with Gold

By now X-Box has released two free games every month. Some of which are absolutely fun and I spend hours beating my friends. And others are trash which I easily uninstall because it is a waste of my memory. Playstation Plus users have it better by letting the players download Payday: The Heist or Batman: Arkham City. What makes me think that X-Box can not compete with them is that they release three games a month that occur within the same year that game was on the shelf (a bit exaggerated).

The one I enjoy and have a blast are Italics, and the one I highly recommend avoiding are in bold.

-Fable 3 

-Lara Croft (Guardian Light)

-Dead Island

-Toy Soldiers

-Dungeon Defenders

-Hitman Absoultion

-Dead Light

-Dust (An Elysian Tail)

-Saint Row (The Third)

-Defense Grid

-Assassin Creed 2

-Crack Down

-Dead Rising 2 

-Magic The Gathering

-Rainbow 6 Vegas

-Might and Magic

-Halo 3

-A World of Keflings

-Iron Brigade

-Gears of War

-Shoot Many Robots

-Sleeping Dogs

Well you can’t because when the time is up the game goes back to the price before the Games with Gold

Depressing and Joy

E3 Gameplay

There is so many great games shown during E3. My top three games, that look absolutely awesome, are Assassin’s Creed Unity, Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield Hardline. Assassin’s Creed is one of the best series that I played so far. It demonstrates a sandbox free-roam and 4 player co-op. My friends and I will be fooling around so much we’ll probably never complete the game. Rainbow Six Siege shows tactical placement of soldiers that go beyond what i’ve seen. The interactive environment is on an unbelievable level. The sniper’s view was blocked and her teammate shot the window open to get a clear view is amazing. It blew my mind. Battlefield Hardline was like Michael Bay on steroids. The gameplay had so much action and new content. My favorite part was when he looked at the donuts and yelled “Delicious donuts spotted!”

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Rainbow Six Siege

BattleField Hardline

The Pre-Sequel 10.14.14

Borderlands is one of the most addicting games to a point where I still search and receive different loot. That sensation of defeating a boss and seeing his body explode with money and equipment is like black tar heroin. Now my favorite character, Clap Trap, is now playable… OH MY GOD! New characters equals new abilities to learn and how cool is a disk that slices heads off. Who knows how many times I replay this games. With an addition that they are on the moon! This is probably expected to be a game of the year nomine at the very least. 4 months is so far away from today and I can’t wait to experience the thrill with my friends. I wonder how the imagination of the creators innovate the story and how it ties in with both Borderlands 1 and 2.   Dance Party