Why are they there? Micro-transactions are the worst thing that has come out since the production of Duke Nukem back 10+ years ago. They are unfair to the people who decide to play the game fairly by rewarding themselves with money or weapons. It is a mark-up scheme to insure profit is complete B.S. Micro-transaction is when the client decides to invest small to large amounts of money to receive content that would be hard to obtain. Clash of Clans has offered gems to players that would otherwise be a long grind of tasks. It is putting the ones that play without the help of bribing on the bottom  of the board. I know friends that spend over fifty dollars on a game they have played for two years. Most of micro-transaction are shown to be around apps. Pokemon Bank is infuriating me because I have been training my dream team since Pokemon Diamond and I can’t bring it over unless I pay Nintendo money. Sure it has a large storage to completely hold all of my pokemon, but if I can’t pay then all of those are going to be held like hostages at the bank. They want money or the hostages gets it. Club Penguin (yes, I don’t play it anymore but keep on reading) has the membership program that allows people to play games further progression. Not to brag but I had that account for 7.75 years and i’ve seen it grown up to suck money out of people.


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