Belly Flop

It started as watching the new Titanfall DLC and thought how cool it is to go transparent hopping from tree to tree. Then I though how the Predators and Aliens series and how it flopped with reviews. On this page i’m here to talk about some of the flops of gaming history. E.T. on the Atari was produce more than what they thought was needed. That was the legend of the persevered cartridges under the dirt. Aliens Colonial Marines was hyped over, including myself, but when it came out it just wasn’t what we had expected. The beta testers even said that they changed the game between what they had played and release date.The Nintendo Virtual Boy was a 3D “portable” consul durring the mid 90’s. IT WAS TERRIBLE. It gave headaches and barely had any games because there was no third party developers.

Mario Tennis on the Virtual Boy


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