Vanilla or mods? P.C. gamers know that mods can turn an open world game like Arma 2 into a dog eat dog Hell like DayZ. DayZ is a world where zombies aren’t the biggest  threat to your survival. Or a better example is that in Left for Dead 2 you can add mods like Teletubbies or raptors for zombies and have Coach’s legs look “dazzlingly feminish “. People create them to either for kicks or try to improve the game that makes it more challenging. I know somebody that took the code for a modern 777 into a online WWII airplane match. Just Cause 2 is the game where… well check it yourself. Minecraft has enough to go beyond what the creator, Notch, had in mind. Check out the before and after below.

Arma 2 and Dayz




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  1. I love mods because they’re always there and you only have to use them if you have to. Like once I got bored of Minecraft, I could play the FTB mod pack and suddenly Minecraft was super fun again, although I can’t stand playing it anymore.

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