don’t hate me even more

Tell me this, when did you ever buy Call of Duty or Need for Speed for the story. I want to tell you why one game is the best, of course in my opinion. Lets get one thing straight I like detailed, exciting and interactive stories on game. I’m not calling out every FPS, because I know how Border Lands and Half-Life (Half-Life 3 confirmed) is a great series. Red Dead Redemption is my all time favorite games. One of my favorite things in that game is the ability to be a wild west hero or a dueling, train hopping outlaw that make people fear you. It adds replay value to start again as John Marston, a former gang member that attempts to find and kill his corrupt “friends”.

This is an open world experience with multiplayer and DLC’s. I had spent hours and endless hours to beat The Herd as I yell at my co-outlaws. The Undead Nightmare had a new multiplayer mode which allowed friends to survive wave after wave of the undead horde. In addition it had a small single player that would let you tame the four legendary horses.


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