Why I Like It Better…Don’t Hate Me

Yeah, yeah, I know you’re probably a die hard COD player, but I personally like Battlefield series better. It includes a personalized way of playing suited for our style of attacking. What sets it different from COD or TF2 is that it includes modern aircraft and artillery to a large map designed for long range fights. There is some bullshit involved with things such as 1% health, but at least there is no 1080 YY ladder stall no scope across the 50 feet map on Rust. For me when I play with a group mindset. Strategy plays a huge role with the game and how it functions. In order to win you have to cooperate with teammates which is essential. If you play solo with no communication, I wish you good game because with out a team its hard to conquer a large map like Paracel Storm or Operation Metro.


That little spec on the ocean is the player.


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