JEEZ-DAMN-FAAAA-FUH-GOD-DAMN-IT!!! Its possible to say this under a second. Stub your little toe on furniture and remember that urge to set the house on fire.

Either bad connections or terrible teammates have caused all of us to throw something at the wall and stamper off in anger-this is Rage Quit.I’m not going to lie, i’ve quit enough games due to the “lag” or ABSOLUTE SHIT connection ( My friends and I always call it potato connection). It shortens my life by five years because of random teleporting, unfair gameplay or just friends that are giant dicks to you because they like feeling the bigger person. These are a couple of examples of exiting the games filled of kitten killing rage. This anger isn’t worth it to keep on playing because it soils the flow, rhythm of your spirt. On the other hand it feels mundame to dominate people and have them leave. Rage Quitting is a double edge sword, it contradicts yourself on to hating people that do quit even though you leave. I guarantee that every has raged quit out of a game or out of one.

Some games have penalties for people who leave early. For example Halo punishes you for quitting. Team Fortress 2 gives you an achievement for having your enemies quitting. Serious Sam has an invinciple scorpion that follows you through the entire game because you pirated, illegally downloading the game.

Its normal to shout and curse at the t.v., but what I feel that the most ridiculous reason to quit is your win/lose ratio and kill/death ratio. My friend is always sensitive about his K/D. NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES ,except for other people that are anal about it. I understand what it is to have 24 frames per second and time out. Its considered bad sportsmanship and it feels boring to never have that full time sportsman like conduct. The message here is to suck it up and see the game through.

Mad about 6 year olds that “do” your mom, click here 



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