Why do we play?

People asked me many questions for why I play video games, even possibly you. ” Why waste so much money and time?” or “Why are you wasting a nice day inside?” These are some of these questions that approach me. I reply to them, “Why buy shoes when it is used for one event?”and ” Why bother to pay for $200 for a spoon of caviar?”. Gaming is more than hobby not only for myself, but people who get paid for playing or creating a game, or who want to spend time with friends. Today i’ll explain to you the reasons why we play.

Right now I will show the psychological view of our investment. People that game will crave for three things, competence, autonomy, and relatedness. Our need for competence, or control of a situation makes ourselves feel as though we can feel successful. Another one of these is one I see a lot in my friends. It’s the feeling of self independents that makes us different from the real world. Its called autonomy and this article best uses the games Grand Theft Auto 5 and Elder Scrolls which perfectly match what is being expressed, freedom. The last sensation is relatedness which I constantly notice as I play. In its name, relatedness is being acknowledged by others. For me whether it’s reviving a fallen solider or providing resources to friends, I consider it to be fun.

Please read the article to get a deeper understanding

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